Claw Toe

A Claw Toe could either appear in combination with a Bunion or a Rigid Big Toe or just by itself. It is recognizable through a malposition or stiffness of just one or even several small toes. In both cases the patient suffers from severe pain and irritated, reddened skin. Nowadays there are promising methods to deal with this deformity. Through precise examination we are able to determine what kind of surgical technique is fitting for the individual patient. If the affected toes can still be moved even slightly, a small procedure consisting of miniscule punctures should be sufficient. They don’t leave any conspicuous scars but still improve the toes’ flexibility.

Bone correcting surgery is only necessary if the joint is already severely stiffened and cannot be moved anymore. Even drastic cases do have a prospect of improvement but the patient may have to prepare for a prolonged recovery period.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for my personal consulting. Approaching your concern as early as possible is highly desirable and can make future surgery redundant.